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Custom Urs4/UrS6 Motronic tuning

We are pleased to announce we now have the capability to custom tune your UrS4 / UrS6 ecu real-time for any hardware combination you may have in terms of turbo/injectors/etc. Contact us for details!
United Motorsport Software Now Available


EFI Express now offers the full line of United Motorsports tuning products.
AWD Dyno Tuning Now Available

EFI Express is now proud to offer in-house AWD dyno tuning on our Land and Sea 2000hp capable eddy-current absorbing dyno!

Dyno rates are as follows:
Baseline - $100 2wd, $125 AWD
2wd hourly - $125
AWD hourly - $150
Half and full day dyno rental (dyno days) also available. Contact us for a quote.

Tuning: $100/hr (discounts are available for customers who have purchased ECUs or other products through us)

Contact us to schedule an appointment.